Monday, May 21, 2007

The Whip's First Crack

I guess this is my first post, so some explanation is in order. First, to the certain disappointment of some intrepid googlers, this is not an S&M blog, despite the fact that reading certain blogs (hopefully not this one!) can only be described as sadistic.

Like so many bloggers, writers, thinkers and infantile scribblers before me, I am the product of those brave souls who preceded me. Now, I've been an active lurker in blogosphere and occasional commenter (matt z) on some blogs, namely Yglesias and Garance, but only recently have I been inspired to get in the game. I was inspired primarily by the Methuselah of the blogosphere, Mickey Kaus. In a series of posts and a bloggingheads kvetch fest Kaus feared the rise of the "whippersnappers" - young bloggers and journalists who never went through the standard apprenticeship and rise to punditry, and instead just pollute the blogosphere with their sophomoric (literally!) thoughts.

Two of the most prominent whippersnappers, bloggers whose faces should be carved onto a digital Mt. Blogsmore (and the bad jokes just keep on coming....) Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias, promptly responded to Kaus' shofar blast of derision and concern. Yglesias promptly went on to crush my dreams - The good news / bad news is that I suspect the whippersnapper window is closing. Ezra, in his response, offered some reassurance and also provided me with the title for this very blog!

So here I am, the youngest, most infant terrible, least experienced, least qualified blogger out there. Hopefully I have plenty of whip and snap as well.

Who knows if I'm Kaus' mythical "generation of post-Bush, anti-Kos neolibroots rebels comes online? These people are, like, only 12 at the moment." I was a neolib in my past life, like when I was 14 or so, so who knows...and despite Kaus' curmudgeonly, House-like charm, I tire of his constant assault on liberals...well, I've probably said too many nice things about him for being a leftie blogger, so I'll just stop now.

Don't worry my adoring legions of fans, posts with real content and analysis will be forthcoming.


Anonymous said...

I hope that the posts to come capture your unique writing style and point of view. As your first and only (as of now) reader, I can confidently say that this has a good chance of becoming the only blog I read.

Nevin said...

Can at least some of the posts be about S&M?